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Newborn Photographer Essex

The newborn photography session is best to take place before your baby is 20 days old, and ideally between 5-14 days old. This type of shoot requires the baby to be super sleepy and after 14 days, your baby will already be far more wakeful and it’s harder to get baby into that deep sleep that is needed to move them safely from pose to pose.
Newborn acne also tends to appear at about 14 days old, and, whilst blemishes will be removed upon editing, having the session before this time allows for less re-touching of the images.

Newborn baby photography sessions are like no other photography session.
In order to have them flow smoothly and to achive stunning images, a little preparation is required
from both myself as the newborn photographer, and you as the parent,
and this begins as soon as your photography session is booked. Below are some frequently asked
questions and some handy tips on how to get the best out of your newborn photography session
and what you can expect on the day.

I recommend that you book your newborn photography session as early as possible to avoid any disappointment with lack of availability, as I have to limit bookings due to the unpredictability of newborn arrivals / birth dates. 

As soon as you book, a date will be provisionally held based upon your due date. This just allows me to monitor my availability. Then when your little one arrives, get in touch as early as possible. Once your precious bundle is here, we can adjust and finalise the date of the session. If you did not know the gender of baby beforehand, be sure to let me know, as well as their birth weight, so that we can plan suitable colours and props.
Once a booking is taken, your session is guaranteed regardless of when they arrive.

When will my nNewborn Session take place?

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