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Newborn session with baby Jae'la

Last Sunday I had pleasure to photograph 6 days old baby Jae'la. She gave me such a easy time during our session. At all time she was really settled and into a nice deep sleep. Actually I think she was my best model up to now! I find out that sending parents information about how to prepare prior to session are really helpful, as they know what to expect and how to prepare baby and room to the session. Plaese enjoy images from our session with beautiful baby Jae'la. If you want me to photograph your newborn make sure you contact me while you expecting as I photograph newborn between 5-14 days old. I am feeling really exited as recently I change my logo and all branding and I really love it:). I feel like this is new beginning ! Also I introduce new gift cards to all my previous and new clients as I had a lot of requests about this, so finally I make this happen! If you like to make a special gift for you family member, pregnant mum I think this would be a perfect gift! For more information call 07908368825. Have a lovely day!

Newborn gift card essex
newborn photographer essex

newborn photographer essex

newborn photographer essex

newborn london photographer

borns ideally from 5-14 days old.

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