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Sometimes I do photograph older babies. By older babies I am thinking about babies over 3 weeks old. Most newborn photographer recommend newborn session should be done when baby is between 5-14 days. But what happen when the birth was a bit more traumatic and mum is not feeling well? What about if baby had to stay longer in hospital or parents being so overwhelm with newborn baby completely forgot to book session as soon as possible?

The newborn session its still possible, however I like to be honest with parents and inform them that baby is now a bit older, more awake and we might not get all the newborn poses they might think off. I like to make them aware of it, even if they decide to not book. In my opinion is better to exceed expectations and suprised parents with stunning images, rather than give them less then they expect. Not long ago I photograph 8 weeks old twins and I was still able to get nice pictures. I think it all depend on personality of the baby and how active they can be. Some older babies were more cooperative than 5 days old babies , you just can't expect how baby will be on the session day. The most important is to have dummy ready, baby is fully fead and the room is warm and cosy.

This newborn pictures are so precious that I would say that you sill should go for it even if bay is a bit older. Some of the poses are fine with baby being awake ( usually the wrapped baby) and often we can get lovely face impressions and cheeky smiles, below I added some images of older babies.

baby on the float rug London
Older newborn babies London


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