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From newborn session with baby Narvi to sitter session |Newborn photoshoot in London

It's heartwarming to witness how quickly newborn babies grow and develop during their first months. Each milestone they reach is a testament to their resilience and the love and care they receive. As a photographer, capturing these precious moments allows you to freeze those fleeting memories in time, creating lasting treasures for the family to cherish. It's truly a joy to be a part of documenting the journey of a growing family. Photographing a newborn session and then following up with a session when the baby is 6 months old allows you to capture the incredible growth and development that happens during those early months. Here are some tips for photographing a 6-month-old:

  •     Babies are usually happiest after they've had a nap and a meal, so schedule the session accordingly.

  • At 6 months, babies are usually starting to sit up on their own, grasp objects, and express a range of facial expressions. Be ready to capture these milestones.

  • Don't forget to capture close-up shots of tiny hands, feet, and facial features. These details change quickly and are precious to parents.

  • Make sure the room is warm enough for the baby, and have a comfortable spot for them to sit or lie down.

  •  Babies can be unpredictable, so be patient and flexible during the session. Don't rush; sometimes the best shots happen when you least expect them.

  • If the parents or siblings want to be included in the photos, be sure to capture some sweet family moments as well Overall, the key is to create a relaxed and comfortable environment where you can capture the baby's unique personality and charm at this special age.

Photoshoot of baby Narvi from newborn photoshoot in London to sitter session.


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