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NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY-5 weeks old baby Bahar

You often see information that newborn session should be done within 14 days from birth. And yes that's totally true . However sometimes session with 5 weeks old baby can really suprise me. Newborn session with baby Bahar was a real pleasure. I was worried at the begining to book session, as let me tell you 5 weeks old its normally not newborn baby any more. I explain to parents that I am happy to book session but also give them informations, so they can have real expectations. Baby Bahar was such a beautiful, happy baby, very sleepy during the session, altough some outfits were too small to use. Ah how I love chubby babies! I took lovely shoots and was very, very happy with this newborn session. Let me show you some images from session. You never can be sure how session will go, but I think once you are in buisness of newborn photography fo long time, took a lot of training and have real life experence you can manage every situaction!


newborn photography using digital background
newborn photoshoot London
newborn baby with purple headband posing on the beanbag
London baby photographer

baby posing on the pink fabric
baby pictures London

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