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Newborn photoshoot with baby Esher Kaur Bharj.

Baby Esher was such a star during her newborn photoshoot with me. When the photoshoot started the baby was little bit unsettle but through years of experience I've learned all techniques to make sure we can start session promptly and achieve beautiful images without waiting for ages for baby to go to sleep. If a baby is awake at beginning I suggest parents we can start with swaddled poses ( such as potato sack pose) and then I can do all pictures of baby in props ( such as crate, bowls and baskets) This helps baby to feel content and follow sleep easily, so after that we can move on straight away into the beanbag poses. Some of poses like ''froggy'' requires baby to be in the deep sleep and I won't be able to achieve the perfect froggy if baby is awake and keep moving. I always aim for session to be really relax and me as a photographer to be productive and able to adjust situation quick. The most lovely feeling after session is receiving lovely messages from clients being really happy with session and praising me on my skills.

baby photoshoot london
baby photography london

newborn photography essex
newborn photography essex


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